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ohio roofing - Small or Minor Roof Leaks

Small or Minor Roof Leaks

As a roof ages the Ohio weather pays its toll and can eventually create areas of wear and potential leaks. Sometimes it is through minor contact damage, wind, or storm damage. Regardless of the cause or severity, any roof leak needs to be addressed quickly to prevent more damage, including the interior of your home.

Give a leaky roof the right attention to limit damage

Regular inspections of your roof are necessary to identify potential issues early. You should never ignore a potential leak, no matter how small or where it is. A leak can quickly spread and damage other parts of the roof and other parts of your home. Take action quick for any discovered leak and make a temporary repair with sealant, water proof tape or other methods and call and expert at Ohio Economic Roofing right away. Temporary repairs are short term and if not done correctly can create a larger problem for your roof and home

ohio roofing - What Do I Do If My Roof Is Damaged?

What Do I Do If My Roof Is Damaged?

The Ohio weather creates a lot of conditions that can damage your roof and create a leak including wind and hail damage, blistering, and ice. When a sudden or severe storm comes through, it can damage your roof at the worst time. If this happens, Ohio Economic Roofing offers emergency help to get your roof secured and follow up with a comprehensive inspection to make sure your home is repaired back to normal.
No matter what the cause or source of damage, it is important to act fast to determine how much damage is done, get a temporary fix, and determining how and what needs to be done for a permanent repair. Letting roof damage go unattended will result is more significant damage not just to your roof, but other parts of your home. A temporary fix is done just to safeguard or limit additional damage from spreading to your roof and home.
Regardless of noticeable damage, the best way to protect your home after a storm is to call for a free comprehensive inspection from a professional at Ohio Economic Roofing.

ohio roofing - What Causes a Roof to Leak?

What Causes a Roof to Leak?

There a number of causes for a leaking roof. Storm damage, including wind, hail, debris, snow and ice are the most common. As simple as a loose or missing shingle caused by wind can breach the seal of your roof and create a leak that can lead to significant damage. Many time, a simple sign of visible damage leads to determining more significant damage to your entire roof. The method of original installation and the age of your roof also contributes to causes of roof leaks. No matter what the cause of a leak, the most important thing is to act fast. If you suspect a leak or damage to your roof after a storm or event, call an expert at Ohio Economic Roofing for a free comprehensive inspection.

ohio roofing - What is the Cost of Roof Repairs and Replacement?

What is the Cost of Roof Repairs and Replacement?

Since your roof is the most important part of your home to protect and safeguard it from outside elements, any roofing issue should not be put off. If it is neglected, a roof problem can easily lead to more extensive damage to your home.

Cost of repairs depends on many things including the cause, the location, if damage went beyond the roof, how the roof was originally installed, and the contractor conducting the estimate and inspection. The trusted experts at Ohio Economic Roofing can be counted on to determine the cause of a leak, and the extent of the repair needed.

Because your roof is the most critical part of your home or building and stands as a protective shield against the harsh Ohio weather. When a roof has enough points of damage, Ohio Building Code and most insurance companies require entire roof replacement.

Although there is no set list of specific repairs and associated costs, the average roof repair can cost from a few hundred dollars up to $5,000. Any repairs beyond that cost typically warrants and entire roof replacement.

A roof replacement cost is significant, and the expense is related to a variety of factors including the type of roof, material to be used, pitch, extent of damage, and amount of labor. When replacing an entire roof, the most important factor is making sure not to cut corners in an attempt to save cost. When replacing a roof on a structure, it is critical the exterior shield is capable of improving the safety and value of your home. The experts at Ohio Economic Roofing ensure that all code requirements are met and the best of materials are used to maximize the value of the improvement to your home.

Call a consultant at Ohio Economic roofing today to get a free comprehensive inspection of your home’s roof.

ohio roofing - What Determines When I Should Replace The Roof?

What Determines When I Should Replace The Roof?

The protective layer and shield for your home is the roof. The roof protects the entire structure from damage that can be caused by the weather and outdoor elements. In addition, a roof is the outer cover and most prominent feature of your home that provides an appearance, appeal, and style. When evaluating wear, damage, or the condition of your roof, a number of things are considered to determine if replacement is necessary.

In Ohio, when a roof experiences damage from a storm, insurance companies are required to allow for any repairs to match and blend into the whole roof. Depending on the number of damage points, it is common the best method is full replacement, to make sure the integrity and condition of the whole roof remains intact to continue protecting your home.

In some cases, a simple repair is all it takes, but often times without a comprehensive inspection of the entire roof and all of its elements, there is hidden damage that simply leads to more problems. Roof repairs can be more simple and less expensive but typically do not fix the problem at its source.

Ohio Economic Roofing has some of the best experts in the industry who work with you to make the best decisions to permanently solve roofing issues in order to uphold the value of your investment.

Looking at the big picture, a roof replacement is the long-term best option both financially and for the protection of your home. A professionally installed roof can last 30 years or longer with good preventive maintenance and inspections provided by Ohio Economic Roofing.

Replacement of your roof strengthens the integrity of your home’s protective layer, its appearance, and overall value. Call an expert from Ohio Economic Roofing to get a free comprehensive roof inspection.

ohio roofing - Will a New Roof Add Resale Value To My Home?

Will a New Roof Add Resale Value To My Home?

One of the first things someone asks when considering the purchase of a home is how new the roof is. Considering the roof is the most important factor to improve the protection, insulation and appearance of your home, having a new roof can in fact increase the value of your home.

The increased value comes both long and short term. In the long term, a new roof that is well maintained preserves the integrity of the entire home and protects it from the effects of the Ohio weather. For the short term, it adds to the appearance, appeal and improved protection and insulation.

You need a professional and experienced roofing contractor to get the right value out of your investment. Call Ohio Economic Roofing for a free comprehensive inspection and find out how your home’s value can be increased and protected.

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Matthew Stinson

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Ohio Economic Roofing recently completed a full replacement of my roof. They managed my claim with my insurance company and I’m grateful for it because the insurance company kept denying my claim when there was clearly hail and wind damage. Ohio Economic Roofing was able to get my insurance company to commit to the cost of a full roof replacement. In addition, Ohio Economic Roofing’s price was fair and comparable to the going market rate. I’m very satisfied with the quality and would recommend them to anyone needing claim support and/or a roof replacement.


Linda Foster

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Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value Work done in a timely fashion, contractors were professional and polite. Would use and highly recommend. Services: Roof repair for storm & wind damage, Roof inspection, Roof repair, Roof installation