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Hiring a professional roofer like Ohio Economic Roofing can significantly improve the value of your home. A well-maintained roof not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home. It also contributes to its structural integrity and aesthetics. Prospective home buyers value a home with a well-maintained roof more than those with older roofs because it indicates a lesser likelihood of encountering problems down the road. Additionally, keeping up on your roof and hiring a professional roofer like Ohio Economic Roofing also offers expertise and quality workmanship, ensuring a robust and durable roof that can withstand all of Ohio's extreme weather conditions. In a nutshell, a solid, professionally done roof by a company like us boosts your home's market value. Give us a call and set up an appointment with one of our consultants today!

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Roofing Replacement: Springboro Ohio's Premier Service

We stand behind every roofing job, because we are confident the quality, value, and speed of service is better than the others.There are a number of reasons you may find the roof on your home needs complete replacement. In Ohio, there are laws and requirements to make sure your home is protected and maintained for the safety of you and your investment. We make sure you are represented throughout the entire process, protecting your interest and home value as if you were family. Too often, homeowners fall victim to low quality workmanship and materials and misrepresentation by insurance adjusters. Our systems and processes defeat those risks! A roof replacement can seem like a large and expensive undertaking which is why many homeowners ignore or neglect a roof at first signs of damage. Unfortunately, leaving the protective layer of your home vulnerable risks not only the value, but the entire rest of your home. There are critical decisions to be made including materials, workmanship and timeline, and we stand by our processes to make sure a roof replacement is non intrusive and your home is left better, safer, and more valuable.Although costs can be substantial, our processes make sure you have little to no out of pocket expenses, and the investment adds significant value to your home in addition to knowing your investment is safeguarded. Call today for a free inspection and consultation from one of our roofing experts!

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Roofing Repair: Reliable Roofers in Springboro Ohio

There are laws and requirements in Ohio that prefers replacement of a roof rather than patching and blending of repairs, to safeguard you as a consumer of both insurance companies and construction contractors. However, there are appropriate times and situations where a repair may be all that is needed to protect and safeguard your home.The weather in Ohio can present a challenge to a roof that has weak workmanship or materials. The best way to safeguard your home and its value is to make sure the roof serves as a shield against the threats the weather poses. Regular inspections for leaks and damage is the only way to prevent neglect and problems.Calling Ohio Economic Roofing guarantees an experienced team of roofing professionals will provide a comprehensive inspection and the most competitive quote for roof repairs. From inspection to workmanship, and from materials to cleanup, we stand behind all our jobs and guarantee your expectations are met.Our roofing experts have the experience and knowledge to comprehensively inspect and evaluate your roof to identify and address potential problems. If it is only a repair, or a replacement, we don’t just perform the work, but we make sure the job goes beyond the repair or installation to include preventive maintenance and post job inspections.Get in touch with one of our roofing experts today for a comprehensive inspection and evaluation of your roof to safeguard and enhance the safety and value of your home!

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Rest easy knowing that your roof will protect everything inside and in the rare case something does need fixing, you’re covered under our warranty and maintenance plan.

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Ohio Economic Roofing Customer Reviews


Matthew Stinson

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Ohio Economic Roofing recently completed a full replacement of my roof. They managed my claim with my insurance company and I’m grateful for it because the insurance company kept denying my claim when there was clearly hail and wind damage. Ohio Economic Roofing was able to get my insurance company to commit to the cost of a full roof replacement. In addition, Ohio Economic Roofing’s price was fair and comparable to the going market rate. I’m very satisfied with the quality and would recommend them to anyone needing claim support and/or a roof replacement.


Linda Foster

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Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value Work done in a timely fashion, contractors were professional and polite. Would use and highly recommend. Services: Roof repair for storm & wind damage, Roof inspection, Roof repair, Roof installation